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2008-11-15 03:27:06 by raider00321

ok, i don't this would get to many people but oh well.. someone has started posting flashes with my name to it and wish to inform you of this.

I would like to remind you all however that i do not participate in collab's of any sort and help in their makings. There for whatever you may see posted with me in a collab is not my work at all.

If you some how come across a work that has been added to my name, could you please tell me and or report it to a moderator of newgrounds. Many thanks raider.

p.s. At current stages it is beleived that it is members of the kitty crew that are doing this.


2008-04-27 12:28:56 by raider00321

Well... Im starting to get into tutorials and making them :p soo.. what shall my next tutorial be??
Heres a list i was thinking of...

shooter tutorial
using attachMovie, duplicateMovieClip
gravity tutorial
hitTest tutorial
sound tutorial
color changing tutorial
advanced dress game tutorial

First post

2008-04-02 03:52:44 by raider00321

This is my first post just for the hell of it.... so here it is! :D Hey all