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Ok so i will admit i didnt quite understand this as i dont speak.. spanish is it? But this is why i judged it quite poorly..

First off, I question how much of this content is the owners. Reason being a lot of the background images are stretched on the screen as well as there being several different art styles.

Secondly, its hardly a flash animation/movie. I Suppose you could class it as a interactive movie? but considering there is more animation compared to writing, i couldn't really judge this with a large rating. Still at least there was some effort, but you definately should try to create some of your own work other than using little bits and peices of work that was most likely googled and used.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't discourage you or what not, but definately try to add your own unique work!

good luck for future submissions =)

Its not bad, bit short though. the animation of sonic and the view panning was pretty good.

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AeonTH responds:

Its just a preview.

pretty good

graphics are good, music is catchy. But the misenterpretation of everyone hating Muslims are way off -.-. For example, i only hate those that think they are better because of their religion -.-. Im pretty sure thats the same for most others aswell

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Blakant responds:

Hmmm....if u think that way, u must met wif the wrong example of a Muslim
For the small knowledge I haf here, Islam is forbidden (HARAM) their believer to think they r better than anyone/other religion. We especially have to respect & avoid hurting the non-Muslim

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not bad. could work. musics a lil annoying. improve the graphics and what not and you could have a half decent flash game.

Its not a bad start for a basis, but not too bad!

Add some music and sounds. It really could use a menu as well.

I think the hitbox on the little ship needs to be expanded a little too. I did find myself overlapping over some objects at times where i really should of died. But yeah! pretty decent start!

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gameswala responds:

thanks a lot for the positive note brother :)

what an artist want :) appraisal with good suggestions :)


very good

This takes me back to windows 95 with the snow boarder game in that. Almost the same except theres no abonibabal monster at the end of the track lol... Never was able to get away from ut

nothing much to say. i dibble dabble in flash a bit, but uni is keeping me busy and making me learn the ebil language, Java :(. Ill try to post some thing more eventually... How i rate Movies 2.5-graphics 2.5-sound/music 2.5-Story Line 2.5-entertainment

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